BSc. Of Oil and Gas Engineering

Petroleum engineering is one of the major fields in the world that witnesses rapid growth. Here are a few reasons that you should consider while choosing a career in the petroleum sector: 

There is growth in energy demand worldwide implies the demand the petroleum engineers; 2.  less competition as a petroleum engineer; 3. a great range of career options in the petroleum industry; 4. lucrative salaries; 5. one of the best world travel experience as an engineer in the field ; 6. most of the petroleum engineers are hired before the completion of their studies; 7. you can go for research in the field as various universities are engaged in the research work; 8. technology changes very fast in this field which is a good way to learn things. 

What are my professional opportunities? 

The students are potential strongly knowledgeable managers in field operations to work on oil & gas sites or projects in Instrumentation (design, implementation, and monitoring of control tools and systems for wells and production sites). The students are specialized in instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing for the hydrocarbon production and the new Drilling/Completion Processes with strong knowledge in Geosciences (geology, geophysics, and reservoirs); good linguistic abilities in English; proven ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and new challenges; Geographical mobility worldwide; team spirit in a multicultural environment. 

The University provides two diplomas of Rennes 1 University and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University.