UFAZ Bachelor Admission Deadlines

UFAZ Bachelor Admission Deadlines for the academic year 2023/2024 will be:

  • Online admission platform will be open from June 6th until August 1.
  • UFAZ admission exam will take place on August 4 at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183) Candidates must bring ID card and entrance paper to exam place no later than 09:00.
  • Exam results will be published on August 7.
  • Appeal of results will take place on August 8 at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183). 
  • The online confirmation form should be completed by the admitted applicants on the platform until August 8, 23:59:59.
  • The required documents must be submitted to the main building of UFAZ on August 9 by 18:00.
  • The final list will be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Education on August 11.

To finalize the registration, all documents in hard copies have to be submitted to UFAZ administration according to the deadlines indicated above.