Admission for Bachelor's degree

Only the students that gained more than  500  points (on 700 points) during State Examination organized by the State Examination Center (SEC) in group 1, can take part in the second UFAZ entrance exam organized and structured by the University of Strasbourg in Baku at the end of the month of July.

UFAZ entrance exam is available both in Azerbaijani and Russian languages, thus it is open for the high-school graduates of both Azerbaijani and Russian school departments.  

UFAZ entrance exam is Multiple Choice Question Exam that includes questions on the following disciplines:  

  • Physics (10 questions)
  • Chemistry (10 questions)
  • Mathematics (10 questions)
  • General scientific knowledge (10 questions)
  • English language

Admission ranking to UFAZ is based only on the UFAZ exam results (SEC results are not taken into account for the ranking), that are published by UFAZ special commission, under the supervision of the experts of Strasbourg and Rennes 1 Universities.

All 160 admitted students are offered governmental places at UFAZ.

Students who did not get admited to UFAZ will have the  possibility to apply to other higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan.  

Online admission platform will be open until August 1.

UFAZ admission exam will take place on August 4 at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183).

Exam results will be published on August 7.

Appeal of results will take place on August 8 at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183).

The online confirmation form should be completed by the admitted applicants on the platform until August 8, 23:59:59.

The required documents must be submitted to the main building of UFAZ on August 9 by 18:00.

The final list will be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Education on August 11.

Address for registration, examination and consultations:

183 Nizami str. Baku (French-Azerbaijani University)


Contact numbers:   

+(994) 12 599 00 72