UFAZ chemical engineering students on a field trip to the Sumqayıt Chemical Industrial Park


On June 7 2018, second-year students of the Chemical Engineering program went on a field trip to the "Sumqayit Chemical Industrial Park". Students visited three factories inside of the park and made a tour of existing laboratories.

The purpose of such field visits is to give a chance to UFAZ students to already start working on their career path development.

First, students met with Deputy Director of SCIP LLC, Mr Fuad Panahov who gave a short presentation about the Park. Then they also visited the Pipe plan, the manufacturing plant of technical equipment, Amine oil and Aqrokimya Azerbaijan LLC.

The overall territory of the park is 466,37 hectares. The main goal in establishment of this park is acceleration of economic development of Azerbaijan and increasing competitiveness in terms of development of innovative industry. This Park was established in 2011 under the autority of the Minstry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and aims at creating favorable conditions for the development of the industrial production based on innovative and high technologies; supporting entrepreneurship in this field and increasing employment of population in production sphere.