Interview with Philippe Guys, former TOTAL drilling engineer, from Total Professeurs Associés


Our interviewee this week Philippe Guys (former TOTAL drilling engineer) from Total Professeurs Associés is delivering a special module on Drilling for Oil and Gas L1 and L2 students of UFAZ, from April 29 to May 3, 2019.

Could you shortly describe your academic background?

I am a mechanical engineer. I did my specialization at the French Petroleum Institute and became a drilling engineer. I worked then at TOTAL for 37 years holding responsibility as a Drilling Engineering Manager and Vice-president for Drilling and Completions worldwide. I was also the Managing Director at TOTAL Qatar and TOTAL UK. I am now retired for 2 years and I am pleased to be able to share my professional experience with students all over the world through the association of Total Professeurs Associés (TPA).

Could you tell us about your special module class?

Lesson this week is what we call an integrated week in TPA where I deliver to students with a general view of all the techniques of drilling and completion which is a very specific area in the oil and gas industry. They learn how to design, how to make well architecture and how to drill the well to be able to produce hydrocarbons. They will have an exam at the end of the week and the ones who have passed will get a certificate.

What are your impressions and feedbacks about UFAZ students? How do they differ from the students of other French universities?

This is my first time in Azerbaijan and I am delivering lectures to Oil and Gas Engineering students at both ASOIU and UFAZ. Students are very motivated to learn, they are also curious to know what they are going to do after their studies and it is pleasure to be here, since I am teaching in plenty of countries, including the University of Grenoble in France. Students react differently, but they all have the same interest to the experience that I bring and the same passion for their specialty.

What are the current trends and career options for UFAZ students after graduation?

They are at the beginning of their cycle. After graduation, they can continue in master degree and/or achieve more professional experience through internships and professional experience. Oil and gas industry offers an exciting variety of career opportunities from geology to production and to refinery and petrochemical. The field is very demanding right now and since students do not have full experience in oil and gas, an internship is a very good opportunity for them to start and to get acquainted with the industry and its various possibilities.

What do you wish and advice to UFAZ students?

What I would like to tell students is that they have good opportunities here at UFAZ since professors from different universities are coming and sharing their knowledge and various academic and professional experiences. Students now need to listen, be patient in their learning process which could last many years!

Interview realized by UFAZ PR department on May 2, 2019.