One day from 2018 Schlumberger Student Summer Camp


End of July was a busy period for the 6 UFAZ students who did their first internships after tough selection of Schlumberger representatives.

Freshly out of their internships, they shared their impressions and memory photos from the Summer Camp. The other students at the Schlumberger summer camp represented Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku Higher Oil School, Baku Engineering University and Khazar University.

Rahim Alizada was one of the 6 talented UFAZ students who successfully passed the assessment test in order to get to the Schlumberger Summer Camp 2018. Here is a short story of his one day at the camp:

"Our usual internship starts with presentation at the Schlumberger base. Presentations cover such subjects as, for example, Drilling&Measurements, Geoservices, Bits&Drilling tools. Presentations continue for five hours with occasional breaks. Our mentors are usually senior engineers, managers who share their first-hand experience stories.

After the lunch, we wear our individual protective equipment (uniforms) and continue with workshops related to the morning presentations at the base. Each section starts with the HSE (human safety and environment) introduction and we are assigned with different tasks and excercises.

We split into small groups where we improve our team-working abilities. For me personally, it is a very effective way of working. As a team we work with real equipment and tools that are used in the fields.

We wrap up our daily activities with short quizes and simple team-building activities like volleyball. Sometimes we have dinner together with our mentors and supervisors. 

We also had a chance to work on group projects and present them at the end of our one-week Summer Camp."