'Tea and Maths' Day with Loic Cellier


On November 16, 2018, UFAZ students, staff and faculty engaged in a unique initiative from UFAZ permanent French Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science, Loic Cellier. The initiative called "Tea and Maths' Games with Loic Cellier"  attracted all the game lovers on the fourth floor where about 80 UFAZ community members played popular games such as Chess and less well known strategical games such as Quarto, Abalone, Checkers, Fanorona, Tortuga, Shogi. 

As stressed by Professor Cellier, initiatives like this encourage students to better understand Mathematics through its playful and entertainment sides and strengthen the feeling of community inside the University. 

UFAZ student from Chemical Engineering Jeyhun Abbasov, a junior professional chess player who took part in different national chess tournaments, played a game with a draw with Professor Cellier and caused a great interest among students!

Another Tea and Maths' Games will soon be organized at UFAZ!