Who are the new members of UFAZ academic staff?


Today, September 10, 2018, is the first day of the academic year 2018-2019 at UFAZ. We are welcoming new faculty members, and we’ll be introducing them to you one by one!


Fakhriya Mammadova, a newly invited Azerbaijani instructor at chemistry will be teaching to UFAZ Chemical Engineering student from this year.


She did her Ph.D. in chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University and continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Akdeniz (Turkey). Ms. Mammadova taught chemistry at Baku Engineering University and at the same time, got a Presidential Award for Youth in Science.


We had a very interesting and insightful talk with Ms. Mammadova who shared his impressions about French-Azerbaijan University: “UFAZ is an ambitious project initiated by the Presidents of the French Republic and the Republic of Azerbaijan and aimed at acquiring academic excellence. As a young scientist and teacher, I am proud to participate in the development of this project and apply my knowledge and skills.”


All the processes occurring in nature, as well as the acquisition of various products prepared in the industry - medicine, food or oil products, etc. -  is directly related to chemistry. And thus, there is a great need for chemical engineers, who are able to participate directly in the solution of various industrial issues in Azerbaijan and at the same time in the world. In this regard, UFAZ Faculty of Chemical Engineering is a unique initiative that aims to train such engineers. "


Fakhriya Mammadova is engaged in scientific activities along with the teaching. She also has a music education.