UFAZ welcomed new Bachelor students


On September 10 2018, UFAZ welcomed the new group of Bachelor students.

Director Vazeh Asgarov, Secretary General Charlotte Payen and the Director of the Chemistry Department Jean-Marc Planeix (also the UFAZ Coordinator in the University of Strasbourg and UFAZ Scientific expert) congratulated the 141 new students with their admission at UFAZ and the beginning of the new academic year. They also underlined the opportunities that will open to the students of UFAZ.

Mentionning the statistics of 2018/2019 admission exam, where more than 500 candidates applied to the UFAZ entrance exam, Director Vazeh Asgarov noted that the interest for UFAZ rises every year in Azerbaijan society, as well as the level of its candidates.

For the year 2018 / 2019, admission average score is at 620 points (on 700).

UFAZ management wishes to all its new students a busy and studios year, but also full of new discoveries and fun! Bon courage à tous !