UFAZ students celebrate New Year with "Become Their Voice" Charity Concert


On December 21, 2018 the Animal Care Club students, including their founders and members from UFAZ organised a charity concert with the help and support of UFAZ at Landmark Hotel Rotunda Hall. Special guests of the concert were the Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan, Ms Aurelia Bouchez and the Director of the "Metrology and Standartization" Department of the Azerbaijan Technical University. The Animal Care Club that was initiated and established by the students of UFAZ has been attracting a lot of students from different universities of Baku. Since February 2018, this club has brough to life a lot of projects with the aim of helping the homeless animals. The students have saved and rescued a lot of lives and took animals to the hospitals as well as provided different animal shelters with food and medicines. Famous DiHaj group with soloits Diana Hadjiyeva, Altun Zeynalov, UFAZ students, administration and ACC members-students from numerous universities of Baku have performed at the concert. 

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