UFAZ Graduate Students of Geosciences made a field trip to Yasamal Valley


On Feb. 19, within the framework of the Master program in Geosciences and under a student research project, a team of UFAZ professors and students made a field trip to Yasamal Valley. Focus of the field trip was on constructing of a high-resolution structural map of the Yasamal Valley and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Yasamal Valley using digital outcrops. Students got an opportunity to do a practical training in taking field structural data at different points, lithology observation of different stratigraphic ages of Productive Series of Azerbaijan (early Pliocene) - Bal X-VIII-VII-VI-V and Sabunchi suite. 

Project's execution planned in MOVE and VRGS programs and with active support of BP Azerbaijan Company.

Within the MSc. of Geosciences, French-Azerbaijani University places a strong emphasis on analytical reasoning in all its courses, initiates students to finite element modeling of Earth science processes, and give them hands-on experience with geophysical and geological fieldwork and their corresponding data processing and analysis methods.

As no field in Geosciences can be understood alone, UFAZ guides students to integrate all the knowledge and skills they acquire and apply them to analyze and solve practical Geoscience problems in a project-oriented framework. Our aim is to train well-rounded Geoscientists and Geophysicists with strong analytical, numerical, and problem-solving skills. 

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