UFAZ Student2Student Series present: Shamxal Baybekov, first-year master student at Chemistry Faculty of University of Strasbourg


On December 28, Shamkhal Baybekov, a first-year master student at Chemistry Faculty of Strasbourg University, gave a presentation to UFAZ Chemical Engineering students on the topic “Chemical Engineering and/or Chemistry?”

In his introductory note, UFAZ Director, Associate Professor Vazeh Askerov congratulated the students on the upcoming International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis and wished them a happy New Year 2019.

Shamkhal Baybekov stressed that Chemical Engineering and Chemistry have much in common yet still they are different and mentioned the prospects of both specialities.

Sharing his own academic experiences with students, Shamkhal also indicated that the industry is not the only career path for chemical engineer and that sometimes chemical engineers are especially in demand in a lab.

Finally, Shamkhal answered the questions given by UFAZ Chemical Engineering students.