UFAZ student became the winner of Azercell Student Scholarship program 2018-2019


UFAZ third-year Computer Science student Irada Bunyatova became the winner of the Student Scholarship program 2018-2019 launched on September 18th, 2018 by “Azercell Telecom” LLC.

As a result of the multi-stage selection process, 25 students, including Irada have been awarded the title “Azercell’s Scholars”. Along with receiving a monthly scholarship from Azercell until the end of her education at the university, Irada will also have the opportunity to increase her knowledge in telecommunication sphere, by participating in the company’s corporate events and training and having access to internship possibilities within the company.

Irada was one of the top scorers admitted to UFAZ in 2016 with 675 SEC points. Prior to her studies at UFAZ, she participated during her school years in Physics Olympiad and made it to the finals. Irada was also an active volunteer during ActInSpace, international innovation contest, hosted by UFAZ on May 25-26, 2018. During summer 2018, she did an internship at the IT company- Idrak Technology Transfer.

Based on her excellent academic results and motivation, she was selected by UFAZ administration to participate, thanks to the sponsorship of Azerkosmos, to the launching ceremony of the Azerspace-2 satellite on September 26, 2018, from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou (French Guiana).