UFAZ team from third-year Computer Science course wins the 1st place in Azerbaijan for the Google Hash Code 2019 Contest


On February 28, 2019, three teams from UFAZ Computer Science students took part in the online qualification round of Google Hash Code 2019 - one of them, a team of 3rd-year Computer Science course, won the 1st place out of 47 teams in Azerbaijan and were ranked 794th  out of 6 671 participants worldwide!

The students stayed at UFAZ throughout the night, supported by their UFAZ Professors of Mathematics and Computer Science Loïc Cellier and Rabih Amhaz.

"As we dealt with an optimization problem we decided to start from the easiest and the simplest solution that we could figure out. In 20 minutes we had a simple solution that scored enough to raise us to 61st place. We wrote the code based on this algorithm and we got 500,000+ points of the score which was enough to become the first in Azerbaijan!” comments Imran, a third-year Computer Science student of UFAZ and one of the members of the winning team.

Hash Code is a team-based programming competition, organized by Google, created in 2014 for students and professionals around the world. Participants select their teams and programming language and Google offers an engineering problem for the team to solve. This year’s contest kicked off with an Online Qualification Round, where teams can compete from wherever they like, including from one of Google’s Hash Code hubs. Top teams will then be invited to a Google office for the Final Round.