Unistra training for UFAZ professors continues with IDIP workshop


The Institute of Innovative Pedagogy Development (IDIP) created under the University of Strasbourg, organised a workshop about pedagogy and different teaching methodologies in the framework of Unistra training for the UFAZ professors. Our instructors had a chance to hear insightful presentations about various teaching approaches, tools for engaging and motivating students etc. The IDIP was created in 2013 and is aiming to provide the teachers with new tools for modern pedadogy and to widen their existing skills about the research applicable in scientific education. The Institute offers fifteen different modules to the instructors, which they can take all together or choose several according to their needs. 

This year, 14 members of UFAZ pedagogical team are benefiting from this training organized by the University of Strasbourg, with the support of Erasmus + program.