Young Researcher Symposium

Introducing Our First Young Researcher Symposium!

We're thrilled to announce our inaugural Young Researcher Symposium! This dynamic event showcases the innovative research of emerging talents across Computer Sciences, Geosciences, and Material Sciences through engaging poster presentations.

We encourage you to support our students by exploring their research posters and learning more about their contributions to the academic community. You can do so by scrolling through the posters showcased on this page or by attending the poster presentation event.

This year the poster session will be held during the International Conference Caspian Basin in Transition Conference 2024 organized in UFAZ

If you're a UFAZ student interested in submitting your own poster for the showcase, please visit our Poster Submission Page for guidelines and instructions.

Your support is invaluable in fostering a vibrant research culture at UFAZ. Thank you for your participation and engagement with our student research initiatives!


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