Summer School in France

One of the many advantages of being an UFAZ student is to have a chance to participate in the summer schools organized together with the prestigious universities in France (University of Strasbourg and University of Rennes 1), partners of UFAZ.

Starting from summer 2017, 40 of our best students have been given an opportunity to participate in a two-week summer school trip to Strasbourg, France.

Students with the best academic results (throughout the foundation year) can participate in this program free of charges (except for the international insurance and meals, which are at the expense of the participants).

Both universities (UNISTRARennes1) are equipped with modern student campuses and located in cultural and historical regions of France (Alsace for Strasbourg University, and Bretagne for Rennes 1 University).

Students are offered a rich scientific and cultural program, which includes laboratory visits, participation in conferences, French language courses and cultural activities to discover France and its historical heritage.

During their time in Strasbourg, UFAZ students have the opportunity to discover the atmosphere and spirit of centuries-old universities, which at the same time meet the modern standards of the educational world.

For me personally, Summer School in Strasbourg was a special opportunity to improve my level of English and practice my French in a very cultural environment. During our visit to European Parliament we communicated in French with the staff members. We had time of our lives exploring the city’s hidden gems and making very special memories and photos of them!

Kamal Aghayev, Computer Science, L1 (Year 2)

Two weeks, which I spent in Strasbourg had a profound influence on me. In addition to the intense language courses, we visited L’Institut de Physique et de Chemie de Materiuex de Strasbourg and were introduced to the detailed study of chemical substances and physical processes.

Gunay Nadjafzada, Geophysical Engineering, L1 (Year 2):