UFAZ Foundation, established by Decree n. 1121-Q77-3955 from October 15th 2021 by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, operates in link with the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) under the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

It has a status of a non-government organization, performing in the area of research and higher education cooperation between UFAZ and external stakeholders, through attracting external funding from private or public sectors in Azerbaijan or abroad. UFAZ Foundation is a non-profit organization, and it works in the sake of a general interest. The objective of UFAZ Foundation is to contribute to:

• The development and progress of research in the area of natural sciences in Azerbaijan;

• The promotion of research results for the benefit of society, innovation and economic growth;

• Sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge;

• The development of a capacity for expertise and support for local associations, private and public companies in Azerbaijan and beyond;

• Training in research and through research;

• International cooperation and reinforcement of integration into the European Area of Higher Education and Research.

Revenues sources: Funds of the Foundation can be formed from the following sources:

  • voluntary donations by legal entities and individuals;
  • incomes acquired from the organization of various events;
  • grants, donations and other allocations provided by foreign states and international organizations;
  • other sources not prohibited by law.
  • Funds and property at the disposal of the Foundation may not be used in accordance with the personal interests of members and employees of its governing bodies.

Eligible expenditures: According to the UFAZ Foundation Charter, the following activities may be funded from the foundation resources:

  • Research activities
  • Equipment for science works/experiments
  • Laboratory and office supplies
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Conference registration fee
  • Library registration fee
  • Scientific publication fees and payments
  • Promotional expenses
  • Advertising/stipends/professional fees

Structure and management principles: The funds raised from donors are managed in a rigorous and transparent manner through accounting transparency obligations and a set of defined management bodies and management procedures.

  • The overall supervision and key decision-making of UFAZ Foundation is ensured through the Governance Board, which comprises high representatives from the academic community of UFAZ and its founding partners, i.e. University of Strasbourg (Unistra) and Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (ASOIU) (Rector of ASOIU, Rector of Unistra, Vice-Rector of Unistra and coordinator of UFAZ project). The Governance Board may also be joined by representatives from partner private or public compagnies or other external stakeholders, or distinguished scientific guests.
  • The coordination of scientific issues is ensured by the Scientific Board, those role lies in technical and scientific advice for the Foundation activities. The Scientific Board is comprising representatives from the academic community of UFAZ and its founding partners (Unistra and ASOIU). It may also be joined by representatives from partner private or public institutions, or distinguished scientific guests.
  • The Executive Director of Foundation implements measures and activities in line with strategic orientations and operational guidelines of Governance and Scientific Boards. The Executive Director is responsible for contracting, administrative and other operational management issues of UFAZ Foundation.

Donations or other revenues may be done on the following banking account of UFAZ Foundation or directly on the UFAZ Fund page on the UFAZ web-site, :


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