Core Faculty

Professors of French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) include international academic staff of high qualified French and Azerbaijani professors delivering lectures in the English language, selected and approved in collaboration with Strasbourg University. 

Throughout the 4 years of the program: 

  • 50% of the lectures are delivered by teachers invited from Strasbourg and Rennes 1 Universities
  • the other 50% of the lectures are delivered by high-level Azerbaijani teachers thoroughly selected by Strasbourg University 

Permanent French Professors 

The permanent French teaching team of UFAZ University consists of teachers thoroughly selected and sent by Strasbourg University providing lectures in English language in technical subjects (computer science, mathematics, physics and chemistry).

Those Professors sent by Strasbourg University are permanently based in Baku and work in close collaboration with Azerbaijani teachers. 

ChemistryPatricia TOURON-TOUCEDA
Computer ScienceRabih AMHAZ


Mathematics / Computer Science


Permanent Faculty members

Azerbaijani permanent teachers of UFAZ are thoroughly selected, in close collaboration with Strasbourg University.

Great attention is given to their scientific academic achievements, their knowledge of English language, and their experience in foreign universities. UFAZ pedagogical team is an open and dynamic collective of high quality.