Faculty Vacancies

Become a part of multicultural and international teaching team representing a model of innovative and scientific French system of higher education!


We are constantly seeking for English-speaking candidates who are motivated to deliver maximum of their teaching abilities in class and give their best as faculty members.


Our requirements:


  1. Master’s degre with a high average grade and/or with distinctions in physics/chemistry or mathematics / computer science / engineering *Computer science teacher: knowledge of programming languages required;
  2. Excellent level of English: applicants must be able to teach in English the relevant topic (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, chemical engineering...etc.);
  3. Applicants have at least two years teaching experience at Bachelor level;
  4. Laboratory experience abroad in the field of academic research or chemical industry;
  5. Additional assets in the CV:

  •  Education experience abroad (full curriculum, mobility, or training)
  •  Experience in teaching based on textbooks in English
  •  Knowledge of modern educational methods (information and communication technologies for education)
  •  PhD
  •  Postdoc abroad
  • Knowledge of the French language

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs in PDF format by sending email to: careers@ufaz.az