What others say about us

  • "UFAZ contributed me a lot in defining my goals. I would prefer to use my chemical engineering background, my bachelor's degree, in the field of product development, in the creation …

    Shabnam Huseynova

  • "Studying at UFAZ has been an invaluable experience, where I've found the most precious asset to be its people. The supportive community of students and faculty fosters an environment of …

    Rasul Alakbarli

    Petroleum Engineering Student

  • "Graduating from this program was a transformative experience that has opened numerous doors for professional opportunities."

    Kanan Gurbanov

    Master's student in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • "The program's innovative approach not only deepened my understanding but also equipped me with the practical skills needed to excel in my career."

    Tatyana Osipova

    Geophysical Engineering alumna

  • "I will always be proud of being the first UFAZ graduate - it’s certainly more than a university, also a sparkle point for the young generation to prove themselves in …

    Ilkin Safarli

    Master of Geosciences Program alumnus

  • "UFAZ is a place where you can learn the hardships and overcome them. If you finish ufaz, nothing will frighten you anymore."

    Zaur Budagov

    Chemical Engineering Student

  • "UFAZ stands as the catalyst for students coming from diverse beginnings; it shapes individuals into professionals, forges passions, and empowers them to navigate the dynamic landscape of real-world challenges."

    Emin Khalifayev

    Chemical Engineering Student

  • "Through UFAZ's hands-on approach, I developed crucial problem-solving and critical thinking skills essential for tackling real-world challenges in my career."

    Elmar Hajizada

    Computer Sciences Student

  • "Attending UFAZ was instrumental in shaping my career trajectory, providing me with the foundational knowledge and skills that have propelled me to where I am today. I highly recommend prospective …

    Mehrali Niftaliyev

    Bachelor's student in the Oil and Gas Engineering program

  • "At UFAZ, you're not just immersed in a pool of exceptional professionals; you're also woven into a vibrant student network where unforgettable memories are made, connections are forged, and self-expression …

    Saida Sadigova

    Chemical Engineering Student

  • "At UFAZ, you're always a part of a growth-driven and competitive student community that passionately engages in extracurricular activities, fostering an environment that continuously pushes the boundaries of each member's …

    Laman Jalilova

    UFAZ Chemical Engineering alumna

  • "UFAZ’s emphasis on practical learning and professional development set me up for success in my professional career by preparing me for real-world international experience."

    Vafa Babanli

    UFAZ Chemical Engineering alumna

  • "UFAZ is a place where you get unforgettable memories, find amazing people, and have a truly wonderful time both during and after lessons."

    Rauf Bashirov

    Oil & Gas Engineering student

  • "UFAZ provides many opportunities for the successful future of students. It is like my second home, we are like a big family, everyone knows each other, and they are friendly."

    Zhala Gurbanli

    Geophysical Engineering student

  • “Working at UFAZ as an alumni is an incredible experience. It's a privilege to contribute to the institution that played such a significant role in my academic path.”

    Natig Maderov

    UFAZ Alumni

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