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Ainsley Trahan, a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge and Zaur Bayramov, a PhD candidate at the University of Strasbourg hosted a research seminar at UFAZ


Ainsley Trahan, a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge hosted a seminar titled "Mobilizing Science for Policy: Interdisciplinary Disaster Risk Reduction across Azerbaijan and Georgia." Trahan, who is currently researching transboundary disaster risk management, focused on how historical, political, and geographical factors influence institutional connectivity in interdisciplinary cross-border disaster risk management networks between Azerbaijan and Georgia. Her comprehensive analysis included case studies and extensive fieldwork, demonstrating the intricate ways in which policy and practice intersect in disaster risk scenarios.

Zaur Bayramov, a PhD candidate at the School and Observatory of Earth Sciences, University of Strasbourg, recently hosted a seminar at UFAZ titled "Present-day Crustal Deformation of the Caucasus and Northern Iran: Observations from Semi-Automatic Seismic Catalog and InSAR Time Series." His research, which aims to elucidate the current deformation dynamics and interactions among tectonic structures across the entire Caucasus region and northern Iran, was discussed in depth. This integration of seismological data, artificial intelligence techniques, and satellite radar interferometric data provided perspectives into regional tectonic processes.

The event, which took place on May 17, at UFAZ, offered valuable insights into the complexities of disaster risk reduction in this region.