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"Sustainable Solutions with Deloitte" series took place at UFAZ


The "Sustainable Solutions with Deloitte" series took place at UFAZ, hosted by the UFAZ Career Center. Aliya Ahadova, Senior Consultant in Sustainability Services at Deloitte Azerbaijan's Risk Advisory Department, led the sessions. In the opening session, she explored the fundamentals of sustainability, emphasizing its critical importance in contemporary business practices. Aliya elaborated on how sustainability concepts are integral to developing responsible and future-oriented business strategies, highlighting that integrating these practices can drive innovation, enhance resilience, and generate lasting value for companies.

The second session delved into the latest innovations in sustainable technologies and practices, where Aliya presented examples of cutting-edge solutions currently transforming industries. She discussed how these technologies not only mitigate environmental impact but also offer economic benefits and competitive advantages to businesses adopting them.

The final session focused on COP29, which will be held in Baku and its specific implications for Azerbaijan.

This series provided valuable knowledge into the evolving landscape of sustainability, equipping attendees with knowledge to apply sustainable practices effectively within their organizations.