About Us

  • A unique educational initiative  

UFAZ is an ambitious project initiated by the Presidents of the French Republic and the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2014. It is administered by the historic university of Azerbaijan - the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) from the Azerbaijani side and the prestigious University of Strasbourg (Unistra) from the French side. 

  • Two Undergraduate Diplomas 

UFAZ is different from all other universities in Azerbaijan and the region because of the double value offered to its graduates. The double value meaning the two state diplomas (French and Azerbaijani) that they receive at the end of their education – one by the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and another by University of Strasbourg or University of Rennes 1 (depending on the chosen degree program). 

Moreover, every summer our best students are traveling to France for two-week long Summer School in Strasbourg, focused on French language and scientific French culture. 

  • Centre for scientific experimental teaching and Research

Our students will benefit from the vast laboratory facilities that are exclusive in Azerbaijan for the technical equipment and research possibilities that open for all our students and instructors (as well as visiting international researchers). We currently have two fully equipped Chemistry and Physics Laboratories as well as practical room for computer science classes, built according to the standards prevailing in our French partner universities.

  • Academic excellence  

UFAZ aims at acquiring academic excellence not only in Azerbaijan but also in the region thanks to the quality of the full-time and visiting highly-qualified French and Azerbaijani Professors. Those dedicated and experienced instructors from Azerbaijan and France (Strasbourg and Rennes 1 universities) are delivering their lectures in English language. Our students are learning French as a second language throughout our program, so they have a chance to continue their studies in a French speaking country at the master level. 

Our potential candidates are Azerbaijani students who just graduated from high school with a strong scientific background and have successfully completed the exam of the State Examination Center (SEC), as well as the UFAZ recruitment exam organized by Strasbourg University in Baku. They also need to show basic level of English in order to be accepted in our Foundation Year.  

  • Opportunities for self-expression 

Our mission is to create such conditions in the University when students would willingly express their ability to imagine and experiment their ideas in laboratories and during extra activities in the Clubs. It is vital that they see that here at the University they are taking their first steps on the way of implementing their most original ideas (start ups, scientific projects, etc.) As part of self-expression, we encourage our students to create and fulfill new projects like photo and drawing contests, charity activities, filmmaking, theater, French choir lessons,...etc.  

  • Central location and accessibility  

UFAZ has moved to beautifully restored and refurnished historical building that opened its doors in the center of Baku in September 2016. Many representatives of the older generations are familiar with this architectural pearl of Nizami district that has always been referred to as “The third building” of ASOIU. It is located in the central street of Baku, which is unusually quiet and has many neighboring cozy coffee places/shops for every student’s taste! It is also just five-seven minutes away from the city’s central “28 may” underground station and Baku youngsters’ favorite “28” Shopping mall (for more cozy spots and after-school activities).