University of Rennes


Université de Rennes has a prestigious history of establishment dating five centuries back: it is a direct heritor of the very first university in the region founded in Nantes in 1461 by the Francois II, Duke of Brittany. It is amongst the twelve main universities in France. Building is committed to taking part in 21st-century innovation and knowledge, one of the top priorities is to create a vibrant international university. The ongoing development of international courses and scientific collaborations has enabled the University to reach outstanding results. On a teaching level, there are degrees taught exclusively in English (11 master’s degrees), double degrees with international partners and off-campus training sessions, and scientific collaborations include around twenty International Associated Laboratories (LIAs). The overarching goal is to provide researchers and students with a unique opportunity to interact with a broad and global network. University of Rennes has over 155 international bilateral partnerships covering research and training. It is amongst the twelve main universities in France. It is a multidisciplinary university, which is famous for its excellence and dynamic research.


Université de Rennes, 2 rue du Thabor CS 46510 35065 Rennes cedex

Tel. +33 (0)2 23 23 35 35