The foundation year at UFAZ is a pre-undergraduate program designed for students to get the necessary qualifications in sciences and languages in order to integrate the first year bachelor program (3 years as per the French system) as students of Strasbourg University or Rennes 1 University.  

The program, entirely taught in English, is designed to improve students’ scientific understanding (mathematics, physics chemistry and computer science) and language skills (English and French) lasts one year. Students who are successful in completing the courses are integrating the first year of the bachelor program UFAZ.   

Foundation year at UFAZ has the same structure for all the four UFAZ specializations (chemical engineering, geophysical engineering, oil and gas engineering, computer science).  

How to apply to Foundation Year at UFAZ? 

Each year UFAZ would announce students’ admission for the following specializations on bachelor level:  

  • Chemical engineering  (35 governmental basis places)
  • Geophysical engineering (30 governmental basis places)
  • Computer science (60 governmental basis)
  • Oil and Gas engineering (35 governmental basis places)

Yearly admission plan: 160 places on governmental basis