Computer science

Who are we, and what do we do?

The Computer Science Research Department  brings together scientists from Azerbaijan (UFAZ) and France (University of Rouen and INSA Rouen Normandie) to conduct, promote, and facilitate research in Artificial Intelligence in Azerbaijan. These objectives are built on 3 major domains developed by our researchers: Evolutionary algorithms, Machine learning and Data mining, Knowledge Graphs and Semantics.

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December 2023: Publication of Samer El Zant, Ulviya Abdulkarimova et al: Co-editors of “Complex Computational Ecosystems”, Part of the book series “Lecture Notes in Computer Science”, volume 13927. []

From Nov 27th to Dec 1st 2023: Associate Professor Nigar Ismayilova, from ASOIU (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University), visited the LITIS lab (Rouen, France) and presented her research works about Alternative Methods for Aggregating in Federated Learning and Deep Learning in Game Design

Nigar Ismayilova
Nigar Ismayilova, Cecilia Zanni-Merc

03 November 2023: Professor Zanni-Merk delivered a research seminar to researchers and PhD students of ASOIU on Explainable Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Cecilia Zanni-Merck November 3, 2023
Ceciali Zanni Merck
Cecilia Zanni-Merck

September 2023: Team Powerdent wins first place in the D-IA-GNO-DENT Challenge, Pioneering AI Solutions for Rare Oral Diseases. Team Powerdent, comprising Samer El Zant, Karim Tout, Emil Aliyev, and Hanine Zaidan.

The D-IA-GNO-DENT Challenge, Pioneering AI Solutions for Rare Oral Diseases

Our PhD students

The department currently has five doctoral students, two of them are cotutelle students with a French institution.

Surname, name First registration Topic
Fatali Rauf 2022/2023 MIIRAG – Maintenance through Imaging in artificial Intelligence for safe Roads & Augmented Gouvernance
Khudiyev Ali 2022/2023 Autonomous and Explainable Neuro-symbolic AI: Coupling neural and symbolic models
Kosov Pavel 2022/2023 Fuzzy Symbolic Approaches for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Mirzabayov Seymour 2020/2021 Advancements in Soft Robotics: Integrating Nonlinear Modeling, Optimization, and Robust Feedback Control for Enhanced Adaptability
Alishzada Nigar 2018/2019 Deep learning techniques for vision-based dynamic gesture recognition


The following interns have developed their research with our permanent staff in Baku.

Surname, name Year Topic
Alibayli Seyid 2023 Phylogenetic correlation between animals by deep learning classification of mass spectrometry spectra
Ahmadli Nazir 2023 Anomaly Detection on Pavement Surfaces using S.O.T.A Algorithm
Hajiyev Allahverdi 2023 Enhance Detection and Classification of Objects in X-Ray images
Yunuslu Ibrahim 2022 Reduced Google Matrix analysis for Dynamic Networks (Twitter)
Alizada Aliisa 2022 Differential diagnosis of jaw cysts using machine learning on panoramic X-RAY
Yusibov Sanan 2022 Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms in Mass Spectrometry
Jafarli Kanan 2022 Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms in climate projections