Research Department Structure

Current structure of the UFAZ Research Department

  • Research Council: a key strategic and discussion body.
  • Research coordination by invited French teachers and Azerbaijani teachers from ASOIU: an implementation and coordination role.

Research Council:

UFAZ SC is a consultative body that oversees the research activities of UFAZ and defines its strategic priorities orientations. It submits its deliberations for the UFAZ steering committee approval, after validation by the Rector of ASOIU and by the President of Unistra.

  • It is chaired by representatives of each UFAZ partner institution, namely ASOIU and Unistra: Vice President for Research of Unistra and Vice Rector for Research of ASOIU.
  • Ex-officio members: Director of UFAZ; Secretary General of UFAZ; Coordinator of UFAZ for Unistra.
  • The scientific council is further composed of appointed English-speaking members recognized as active scientists in the scientific fields of UFAZ (in the broad sense, i.e. computer science, chemistry, earth science): 3 Members appointed by the Rector of ASOIU ; 3 Members appointed by the President of Unistra: scientific advisors of UFAZ. 

The total number of appointed members shall not exceed 12.

The SC has an advisory role and is convened by the UFAZ management at least two times a year. In particular, it deliberates on the scientific strategy of UFAZ and proposes an operating and equipment budget in relation to the strategic axes selected by the Steering Committee. 

The SC is consulted on all the following issues:

  • Scientific strategy: the research program and coordination, the composition of the teams; the policy of research contracts concerning the laboratory; the technology transfer policy and the dissemination of scientific information of the laboratory.
  • The management of resources: the budget to be requested and its distribution across teams; the human resources to be requested, the policy of training through research; the distribution of premises and equipment, as well as the modalities of their use.

UFAZ scientific advisor:

As a recognized expert in a scientific field identified by UFAZ, he/she monitors the research work carried out at UFAZ and contributes to further development of the ongoing and new research activities.