Research Areas

Sedimentology Petrophysics Seismology and Geodesy

Wind flow modeling across river canyons: insight on the information of riverine dunes (supervisor: Marc Jolivet)

Petrophysical assessment of the porous limestone used in the restoration of buildings in Baku (Azerbaijan) (supervisors: Mike Heap, Clara Jodry).

Analysing the spatio-temporal charcteristics of seismicity in the Eastern Greater Caucasus (supervisors: Zaur Bayramov, Alessia Maggi)

Remote sensing based description of the artificial deltas developing in the Mingachevir reservoir lake (supervisor: Mathieu Schuster)



Near Surface Geophysics Environmental Science

Definition of Azerbaijan potential for Geothermal energy exploitation (Nigar Karimova, M2 student)

Investigation of the river, lake and groundwater water quality in Absheron peninsula (supervisors: Damien Lemarchand, Marie Claire Pierret)

Application of Machine Learning techniques on seismic and ERT data: Strengbach Catchment, France (Gunel Alizada, Kamal Bayramov, M1 students). Project in collaboration with ITES researchers Nolwenn Lesparre and Jean-François Girard)

Dating diagenesis to specify the geological history of sedimentary basins (burial, fluid flows, cementation/dissolution events) (supervisor: Philippe Boulvais)

Imaging fractures and doing some signal processing (supervisor: Maksim Bano)