Navigating the Future of Water Resources: Challenges and Opportunities

UFAZ recently an enlightening panel discussion, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to tackle the pressing global challenges surrounding water resources. This event also served to introduce the newly established MSc. Water Resources and Management Program. Acting as a beacon of knowledge, it shed light on both the hurdles and opportunities present in the field of water management. Latifa Nasibova, UFAZ's Acting Executive, warmly greeted the participants, followed by UFAZ Secretary General Elizaveta Bydanova, who provided brief information about the master's programs offered by UFAZ.

The discussion featured an array of distinguished speakers, each drawing upon their unique expertise to explore various facets of water resource management, from technological innovations to sustainability practices and career opportunities.

Clara Jodry, Program Manager at UFAZ, kicked off the event with an in-depth look at the MSc. Water Resources and Management Program, detailing the program's objectives and curriculum.

Madina Hajiyeva, a national expert at FAO and project manager at the Israel National Water Company, discussed the significance of international collaborations in addressing water resource challenges.

Technological advancements in the field were spotlighted by Natavan Jafarova, a senior research scientist at the Institute of Geography.

Narmina Aliyeva, Business Development Officer at Sustainera Solutions, talked about the vital role of water quality monitoring and the implementation of sustainable practices for the longevity of water resources.

Anar Nuriyev, a faculty member at Baku State University, discussed the broad spectrum of career paths available to graduates, emphasizing the growing need for international experience in the water management sector.

The panel concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, allowing attendees to interact directly with the experts. The discussion ended with a call to action, encouraging students and the public to consider pursuing the MSc. Water Resources and Management program to become well-rounded experts in the field, capable of addressing the pressing global challenges related to water resources.