BSc. Geophysical Engineering



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Geophysical Engineering is the scientific method of locating and extracting different natural resources from the earth, including ores, minerals, precious gems, water, or gases. Geophysical Engineers utilize their extensive knowledge of the earth to identify sites that may contain special mineral or stone deposits that could be of interest to mining companies and other corporations. They then plan how the resources will be drawn out of the earth in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner. In addition, a Geophysical Engineer may improve upon the current extraction methods used in operating mines.  

Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences / Geophysics Engineering

This three-year undergraduate program specialises in Geosciences with an emphasis on Geophysics.It is piloted by School and Observatory of Earth Sciences (EOST) in Strasbourg, France, which runs the country’s top Geophysics engineering school catering to carbon-based and geothermal energy companies and their service companies as well as to companies specializing in geotechnical and hydrological problems.

The UFAZ Bacherlor’s degree in Geosciences and Geophysics combines training in the fundamental aspects of Plate Tectonics, Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry with a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Programming. This training is provided by seasoned Professors and Assistant Professors from Strasbourg University and supplemented by specialist courses by professionals and experts.

We place a strong emphasis on practical work in all our courses, initiate students to working in both the laboratory and the field, and give them hands-on experience with geophysical exploration methods (seismic methods, gravimetry and magnetic surveys, electro-magnetic surveys) and their corresponding data processing and analysis methods.

As no field in the Geosciences can be understood alone, we guide students to integrate all the knowledge and skills they acquire and apply them to analyze and solve practical Geoscience problems in a project-oriented framework. Our aim is to train well-rounded Geoscientists and Geophysicists with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

We expect half of our students to apply to energy companies and their geophysical / geotechnical service companies for entry-level positions in data acquisition, data processing, and data interpretation. We expect the other half to pursue their education with a Master’s or advanced engineering degree abroad, then apply for higher-level positions in research and development, management, as well as in more technical fields.  

What are the skills of an UFAZ Geosciences Engineering student?

  • He/she possesses a strong theoretical and practical background in the Geosciences (Geophysics, Geology, and Geochemistry).
  • He/she possesses the geoscience and physics insights and the mathematical skills required to deepen this background in any geoscience speciality, either through in-house industry training, further academic training, or self-learning.
  • He/she can apply this knowledge and these skills to solving new geoscience problems, pulling together insights from different fields if necessary.
  • He/she can communicate effectively in English (and also in French for some students), allowing worldwide geographic mobility.
  • He/she can work effectively in teams within a multi-cultural environment

Students will receive diploma on Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences, geophysical engineering program, from both Strasbourg University and the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University upon their graduation.

To give you a better idea of what Geophysics is and how you can benefit professionally from your undergraduate diploma, we have talked to the Geophysics program coordinator (responsible) at UFAZ, Dr Alessia Maggi - the seismology professor from the University of Strasbourg. Dr Maggi regularly comes to UFAZ to teach the Introductory class to Geophysics to our students. She is also the Pedaggocial Responsable for UFAZ Geophysical - Geosciences Bachelor. She gave an insightful interview about the very definition of Geophysics and shared some career tips with us.