BSc. Chemistry




Goals of the Program:

The goal is first to teach fundamental science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), and then to insure a high level of training in Physical and Analytical Chemistry in theory but also for practical applications (lab work).

The purpose is to form very good student that can work in public or private chemistry lab or continue their studies in Master of Physical or Analytical chemistry, to finally work as teachers, and(or)researcher, in private or public chemical laboratories or industry.

Knowledge and Skills:

The skills to be developed and acquired during the training are as follows:

  • Master fundamental scientific knowledge in all areas of chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science.
  • Analyze and solve simple chemistry problems by integrating the different fields of chemistry.
  • Implement and understand an experimental protocol in English while respecting good laboratory practices.
  • Select, critically analyze, synthesize, and exploit bibliographic and/or scientific data.
  • Communicate in English, written and orally, in appropriate and scientifically correct language.
  • Learn and act independently.
  • Interact, work and produce with others.

Particular Strengths:

During the four years of the program the students will have to learn general science both in theory and practice.

Students will work on dedicated state of the art equipment in new lab, trained by expert in each field.

Upon graduation students will receive diploma on Bachelor of Science in Chemistry,from both Strasbourg University and the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University


After the diploma students can work as high-level bachelor’s in public or private chemistry lab, and will be well prepared to teach. Continue studies in Master’s in physical-Chemistry or Analytical-Chemistry in UFAZ or abroad.

Career Opportunities: After the diploma : Work as high-level bachelor’s in public or private chemistry lab, prepared to teach.