BSc. Oil and Gas Engineering

oil and gas


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Professional Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering

The formation is a 3-year undergraduate degree specialising in sensing and instrumentation Technologies for the Exploration and Production sector of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Students are required to attend a wide range of courses in specialised technological fields during the last year of the program after 2 years of common scientific background in L1 and L2.

A large part of the courses and lectures is delivered by professionals and experts originating from various reputable international companies or organisations involved in E&P activities such as Schlumberger and Total.

The students are trained and educated to become Managers strongly knowledgeable in field operations to work in oil & gas sites or projects in Instrumentation (design, implementation and monitoring of control tools and systems for wells and production sites).

What kind of positions can he/she apply for?

Here are some possible positions:

  • Mud Logger
  • Control room supervisor
  • Production engineer
  • Electric logger
  • Field production operator
  • Production panel operator
  • Control system engineer
  • Discipline Leader
  • Safety engineer

What are the skills of a Bachelor Oil & Gas Engineering student?

  • He is specialized in Instrumentation and Data Acquisition and Processing for the Hydrocarbons Production and the new Drilling/Completion Processes with:
  • Knowledge in Geosciences (geology, geophysics and reservoirs)
  • Proven ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and new challenges
  • Geographical mobility worldwide
  • Team working spirit in multicultural environment

Students will receive diploma on Professional Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering from both Rennes 1 University and the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University upon their graduation.

Rennes 1 Oil and Gas curriculum is a Professional Bachelor (one year program) meant to prepare students to enter labor market after their Bachelor.

During their final year at UFAZ, 130h of lectures are delivered by professional from oil and gas companies, while the last semester includes a compulsory internship in a company from the oil and gas industry.

UFAZ Oil and Gas students will be administratively registered at Rennes 1 university only starting from L3 (Year 4 ‚Äď the final year).

Delivered diploma will be issued from Rennes 1 university (IUT de Lannion).

The first 3 years of the diploma, including the Foundation Year (FY), students are administratively registered at Strasbourg University.