BSc. Chemical Engineering

chemical engineering


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Goals of the Program

The diploma of Bachelor in Chemical Engineering aims to ensure a high-level training adapted to the challenges and evolutions in the chemical industries. By gradually introducing basic skills, the study program teaches students fundamental scientific knowledge (mathematics, chemistry, physics), as well as how to use this knowledge in various areas related to the chemistry and chemical engineering (conception, scaling of processes for production, analytical chemistry, quality control), while ensuring security rules of processes and environmental quality.

Such training plays a twofold role by providing theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as working methods to analyze, synthesize scientific and/or bibliographic data. The program provides also knowledge and skills on the environment and the company’s culture.

Knowledge and skills

The chemical engineering education aims to train high-level bachelor’s experts in industrial chemical installations and able of providing (allow to provide) technical assistance to the engineer for the design and concept of new process or optimization of current installations. His skills are based on a multidisciplinary training program in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and industrial control including an intense experimental practice with practical work on recent and various installations. He/she should pursue its action on equipment and manufacturing process as well as on analysis and control of finished products. He/she uses cutting-edge simulation and modelling tools, implements and understands experimental protocols by fulfilling the Good Laboratory Practices. He/she develops technical solutions while respecting the safety rules and respect for the environment and ensures the regulatory developments. He/she analyzes a specific problem, and from hypothesis, solves an easy chemical or chemical engineering problem by mobilizing acquired scientific knowledge.

Particular strengths

  • Control of fundamental theoretical tools (general chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering).
  • Education targeted toward industrial projects.
  • Implementation of knowledge with tutored team projects.
  • Many practical works in relation to the current industrial situation.

After this formation the students will be able to:

  • Work with respect of best practices of chemical safety.
  • Be proactive in solving problems or implementing existing chemical processes.
  • Read and adapt a protocol in chemical synthesis.
  • Improve the efficiency of existing processes.
  • Develop solutions using chemical process engineering.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance in the chemical and or environmental engineering aspects.
  • Understand a flowsheet of a chemical process and propose ways of optimization.
  • Design various unitary operations devices in a chemical process.

Students will receive diploma on Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering program, from both Strasbourg University and the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University upon their graduation.