MSc. Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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The Master of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (PCCE) at UFAZ is a two-year program covering 3 different fields: 

  • Chemical Engineering, 
  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry, 
  • and Chemoinformatics. 

UFAZ students from the Chemical Engineering Bachelor program are encouraged to apply, as well as all students with a Bachelor’s degree in either Chemical Engineering or General Chemistry. 

During the two semesters of the first year (M1), students will follow lectures and lab works in the 3 aforementioned fields. The program will also comprise specific lectures that highlight the strong interdisciplinary links between those fields. This first year will end with a 6-week summer internship. In the first semester of the second year (M2), students will choose a specialization track either in Chemical Engineering, Physical and Analytical Chemistry, or Chemoinformatics, the last two being run in Strasbourg. All tracks will propose advanced lectures in the selected field. M2 program will also include in the second semester a 5-month internship either in an academic lab or in the industry.


Follow the links to learn more about the curriculum.

Chemical Engineering specialization

Physical and Analytical Chemistry specialization

Chemoinformatics specialization


The skills to be learned and developed during the training are as follows:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge in the field of specialization (Chemical Engineering, Analytical and Physical Chemistry, or Chemoinformatics);
  • Acquire the experimental skills necessary for laboratory activities;
  • Analyze, understand and implement research methodology. Formulate rigorous reasoning. Critical use of bibliographic resources and tools;
  • Communicate clearly and precisely, both in writing and orally. Use of English in a professional context;
  • Linking knowledge from different fields;
  • Work independently by setting priorities, managing time and self-evaluating oneself.

These skills will be gradually developed along the two years of the formation, with a specialization in the second year. They will be put into practice during two internships, a 6-week one at the end of the first year, and a 5-month one at the end of the second year.  

During the second year, the student will become more autonomous, leading him/her to carry out his/her project.


We are looking for hard-working and strongly motivated students, who are able to learn complex information quickly, apply their knowledge to solve practical problems in chemistry, and fluent in English. The ideal applicant will have bachelor level training in:

  • Fundamental Chemistry (architecture and transformation of matter, chemical equilibria, kinetics, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, the chemistry of materials, analytical chemistry);
  • Chemical Engineering (chemical reactors, heat and momentum transport, thermodynamics, chemical process dynamics, major unit operations);
  • Experimental chemistry;
  • Informatics (notions of algorithms and programming).

Previous experience in a chemistry laboratory will be an advantage.