Magistr proqramına qəbul

The French-Azerbaijani University announces admissions for International Students* for the academic year 2023/2024 on the following specializations:

- Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering paying basis**

- Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence paying basis**

- Geosciences paying basis**

The number of admissions in each speciality will be limited according to the available places.

For International Students who wish to apply for UFAZ admission on paying basis at graduate level:

  1. Download the UFAZ admissions PDF form by clicking
  2. Send back the form and the requested documents by email at

* Are considered as International students, candidates that are non-residents in Azerbaijan.

** Tuition fees are fixed for the academic year 2023/2024 to 5000 USD / per academic year.

Selection Process

After receiving approval upon registration, candidates have to pass an internal exam coordinated by diploma manager. Exam will be entirely based on scientific knowledge.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and informed about the exam date and place.

Each request will be analyzed case by case by experts of Strasbourg university and UFAZ.

UFAZ international students have the possibility to use the facilities of the new UNIVERIUM student dormitory located in the center of Baku.

Furthemore, assistance will be provided for the migration issues by the administration of the university.

Address for onsite registration, examination and consultations:

183 Nizami str. Baku (French-Azerbaijani University)

+(994) 12 599 00 72