Job Opening

PhD Position

No Ph.D. position is currently available, but open applications can still be sent to the department

Master Internship

For those already doing a Master's degree, motivated candidates should send their CV and a transcript of their marks to Candidates should ideally contact me in the fall for a project starting early the next year.

M1 Project 1: Synthesis of spherical crystal architectures with programmed size and constitution using liquid-liquid diffusion process of crystallization inside droplet created by microfluidic. (6 weeks)

M1 Project 2: Synthesis of ChlA NPs in Microfluidics (6 weeks)

M1 Project 3: Synthesis of HA/CO3 NPs in Microfluidics (6 weeks)

M2 Project 1: Study of homologous series nGeSb2Te4 – mSb2 and nGe2Sb2Te5 – mSb2 to search for new TI phases. (18 weeks)

M2 Project 2: Preparation of solid solutions based on the known topological insulators. (18 weeks)

Bachelor Internship

If you are thinking about doing a Master and want to work in our lab, to asset what is research or if research is made for you. Contact us, and we will certainly be able to create a small project for your internship.

L3 Project 1: Synthesis of HA NPs in Microfluidics