Bsc. Physical Engineering


Goals of the Program:

The aim of the Bachelor of Energy Engineering is to provide students with a solid initial training (theoretical and practical) in engineering sciences, in the fields of electronics, mechanics and mechatronics. These include mechanical design, fluid and materials physics, analog and digital electronics, automation, electrical energy and electrical engineering, data processing and software engineering.

The qualities expected of our future graduates are: an open mind; a critical spirit; social intelligence and team spirit; a sense of hard work and motivation (essential for success); autonomy and self-confidence (to move forward in life, while showing humility). This can be summed up by the following statement: "Thanks to their critical thinking and curiosity, students will be able to come up with original solutions to open-ended problems. They will be able to work both independently and as part of a team. Their open-mindedness and self-confidence will enable them to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and to adapt to new developments.

Knowledge and Skills:

The macro-skills targeted for this bachelor are grouped into 3 categories:

i) Fundamental skills

- be able to explain basic concepts in physics, manipulate units and estimate orders of magnitude

- be able to formulate mathematically and solve problems in the fields of physics and engineering.

ii) Disciplinary skills

- know how to measure a physical quantity and compare the results of a model

- know how to use computer and digital engineering tools

- design, dimension and model :

electronic systems

mechanical systems

electromechanical systems

iii) Cross-disciplinary and pre-professional skills

- be able to search for information and make critical analyses

- ability to organize and plan work independently and as part of a group

- ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, using language appropriate to the audience concerned


Particular Strengths:

The strength of this bachelor rely on a solid disciplinary training coupling main courses, tutorials and practical work coupled with a valuable inter-disciplinary training (chemistry, computer sciences, soft-skills …).


Upon completion, the students will possess abilities and qualifications in the following fields :

- general physics (fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics)

- mathematics (elementary analysis, finite-dimensional algebra, complex functions, Fourier analysis)

- basic chemistry

- computer science (programming, artificial intelligence)

- languages (English and French)

- soft skills (scientific writing, CV, management)

Career Opportunities:

This basic training provides the knowledge base needed to pursue studies in various specialities in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials physics or mechatronics in Azerbaijan, at the University of Strasbourg or in other French or foreign Masters programs.

Moreover, the teaching methods used throughout the course (numerous practical work placements, projects, internships) enable students to acquire skills that can be put to good use in the business world, and thus make it possible to envisage professional integration in the wind and solar energy industries in the following professions:

- technical research manager (industrial research and development)

- scientific and fundamental research manager

- manufacturing control technical manager - technical manager for physical measurements

- teaching and training professions