Bsc. Physics


Goals of the Program:

The aim of the Bachelor of Fundamental Physics is to provide students with a solid initial training (theoretical and practical) in physics sciences, in the fields of basic physics (mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics) and advanced physics (quantum mechanics, statistical physics, relativity, physics of matter, subatomic physics).

The students will acquire the knowledge and needed skills for high-level scientific professions and they will develop many qualities during their training:

- open-mindedness, curiosity and creativity ;

- critical thinking ;

- demonstrate a degree of social intelligence, making it easier for them to interact with their immediate environment and enabling them to understand and adapt to our society;

- understand the meaning of work and show motivation;

- autonomy, adaptability, self-confidence and humility.

Knowledge and Skills:

The macro-skills targeted for this bachelor are grouped into 2 categories:

Subject-specific skills :

  • Develop an experimental approach (measurement and uncertainty, criticism of measurement, implementation, explaining a protocol, presenting results),
  • Develop a theoretical approach (propose a model, understand a model, know how to make hypotheses and test them),
  • use basic physics concepts to solve and analyse physics problems,
  • use mathematical tools effectively to solve physics problems,
  • use IT tools effectively to solve physics problems,

Cross-curricular skills :

  • analyse a problem or situation critically,
  • research and acquire knowledge independently, using available resources with a critical mind,
  • write a scientific document in compliance with ethical and editorial rules,
  • express themselves in public and be able to give an oral presentation of a scientific work,
  • read and understand scientific documents.


Particular Strengths:

The strength of this bachelor's relies on solid disciplinary training coupling main courses, tutorials and practical work coupled with valuable inter-disciplinary training (chemistry, computer sciences, soft skills…).


Upon completion, the students will possess abilities and qualifications in the following fields :

  • general physics (fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics)
  • advanced physics (quantum mechanics, statistical physics, relativity, physics of matter, subatomic physics)
  • mathematics (elementary analysis, finite-dimensional algebra, complex functions, Fourier analysis)
  • basic chemistry
  • computer science (programming, artificial intelligence)
  • languages (English and French)
  • soft skills (scientific writing, CV, management)

Career Opportunities:

This basic training provides the knowledge base needed to pursue studies in various specialities in Physics in Azerbaijan, at the University of Strasbourg or in other French or foreign Masters programs.

Moreover, the teaching methods used throughout the course (numerous practical work placements, projects, internships) enable students to acquire skills that can be put to good use in the business world, and thus make it possible to envisage professional integration in the wind and solar energy industries in the following professions:

- Education, teaching and training ;

- IT (hardware and software) ;

- automotive, aerospace, rail and shipbuilding industries; health (services, equipment)

- health (services, equipment);

- extractive industries (minerals, oil)

- manufacturing industries ;

- water, waste (wastewater management, treatment, recycling).

The students will have the necessary skills to be hired:

- technical research manager (industrial research and development) ;

- scientific studies and fundamental research technical manager; - manufacturing control technical manager

- manufacturing control technical manager ;

- technical manager for physical measurements;